Saturday, June 17, 2006

contribute to science education and enter to win a copy of this book

The folks at ScienceBlogs and Seed Magazine are holding a fundraiser through DonorsChoose to help raise money for specific science-in-the-classrooms needs nationwide. For instance, 4th Graders in St. Bernard Parish who lost all their science stuff in Hurricane Katrina, or K-2 kids in South Carolina or low-income K-2 kids here in EPA and so on and so forth.

ANYWAY, the ScienceBlog bloggers have unique lists of causes near and dear to their hearts, and we can choose to donate to any of them...even $10 is $10 closer toward the goal of an individual cause. Dr. Free-Ride has a list of the participants and links to their challenges, and more information on the prizes for YOUR participation as well as the Seed Magazine matching donations.

After you donate, forwarded your email confirmations from DonorsChoose to to enter the drawing for fabulous prizes at the end of the drive—my lovely editors at Sams have donated ten copies of this book as prizes for this drive. There are many more incentives for donating, including the satisfaction of a job well done. Skip your lattes for two days, and fund science education!

Go! Give! Spread the word!

If I, a person who took only three science classes in her entire academic career and only because I had to, can get involved with science-y types, SO CAN YOU!