Sunday, January 08, 2006

errata is posted!

I know I shouldn't use an exclamation point to announce a page of printing or content errors but I'm just happy to have it finally done. The errata page lists more things that have been changed in the Blogger User Interface (or other third-party tools) than actual errors made in the text, but it's important to list anything in the book that looks different than what you may see when working with the tools. Check it out, print it out, and stick it in your book for future reference.

The errata page opens with a general note about some of the formatting styles Sams uses in their book, because some of it looks a little out-of-place in this book. The next section of the errata talks about screenshots and how I haven't pointed out anything that's different unless the difference is important to what is being described in the topic.

Finally, there are bullet items listed by chapter and then topic, explaining changes or clarifying things that I wrote. In some instances I link to new screenshots with explanatory text.

I soon write three new posts (referenced in the errata) about Blogger Backlinks, the additional methods for comment moderation, and the presence/use of the AdSense subnavigational item under the Template tag.


Thanks to everyone who has purchased the book so far—a second print run has been ordered already! The changes listed on the errata page can't be made for the second print run, but if sales continue to be brisk I'll likely do a second edition in a year or so, which would have all these changes (and more!) rolled into them.