Friday, June 10, 2005

I have the greatest acquisitions editor in the entire world!

We all know Google kicks ass, right? Right. Ok. Well, as part of that ass-kicking, they develop things all the damn time. New tools, better tools, extensions of existing tools, blah blah blah. This is a potential problem when it comes to writing a book about a particular tool like, say, Blogger, because if they decide to change the interface or upgrade functionality then the book becomes useless and I become sad.

But you can't say "Hey Google guys, got any changes in the pipeline and if so please outline them to me" because you know, trade secrets and what not. But what one can do is say "Would you please look at this TOC and tell us if we're potentially going to be screwed in some area or another?" If they agree, well, then they're just super folks.

If you're my lovely and talented acquisitions editor, Shelley, then you don't get "just any monkey" to look at said TOC, you get Biz Stone to do it.

Shelley rocks hard. So does Biz.