Friday, August 19, 2005

all chapters submitted

Here's the final Table of Contents, unless the various levels of editors (acquisitions, development, copy, technical) attached to this book decide that I need to add something else or shift something around. Typically this doesn't happen to any great extent in any of my projects, but this one is a bit different because of the style of the book and the volatile nature of Blogger's feature set in the last few days...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blogger Buzz: Word Verification for Comments

Although I have already submitted the relevant chapters of my book, the author review process is not complete and I can add to them, which I will be doing now that Blogger has released Word Verification for Comments. I believe modifications will come in Topic 9, "Configuring Blogger's Comments Settings" and Topic 34, "Using Blogger's Commenting System".

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Blogger Buzz: Flag As Objectionable?

The new Flag As Objectionable? element of the Blogger NavBar is included in Topic 46, "Using the Blogger NavBar". These new releases are great, if not a little stressful when wrapping up a book...

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Blogger Buzz: Word Up

I have adjusted the TOC to reflect the inclusion of the recent release of the Blogger to Word tool.

One of the benefits to being a little late in finishing chapters is that you get to fit these new things in...

updated to add: see my extended post on the subject

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

technorati: back to not indexing my primary blog...

...which is ironic because in this post I discuss how I was interviewed by the WSJ regarding my views on using Technorati as a "current events search engine" vs a traditional search engine (Google/Yahoo!/etc), in which I was unabashedly in favor of Technorati. It's true, despite the fact that they're back to indexing my tagged posts from my primary blog in a seemingly haphazard fashion if at all, that I am far more fond of Technorati than I am Feedster, BlogDigger, IceRocket, etc.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

sneak preview: Topic 40, "Using the Haloscan Trackback System"

An unedited version of Topic 40 of Teach Yourself Blogging in a Snap, "Using the Haloscan Trackback System," can be found on my personal blog.

Currently, Technorati indexes that blog haphazardly at best, so this post exists to get the folksonomy love.

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only one more chapter to go...

...and that's a very short chapter with only five topics—probably only 20 pages. That, and the introduction/front matter are the only documents not in my editor's hot little hands. Very cool, being almost-done. The Author Review portion, which comes next, is very painless and quick so no worries there!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

in the home stretch

It may seem odd when I say that with four chapters to go I'm "in the home stretch," because four chapters is not an insignificant number of pages, but the book really is almost complete. I just submitted Chapter 4, "Using Basic HTML and Working with Images," and am currentlyI have finished amending something in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2, "Getting Started with Blogger," was already complete but we decided to stick the contents of the appendix-formerly-known-as-C into a topic within Chapter 2, so that's all I'm doing. Ten chapters total—eight chapters and two not-so-short appendices. Four chapters to go. I can squeeze in a couple more hours this morning and tonight, around my real work. Must get this done ASAP.